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Carrollian Collectibles

Such is the influence of Carroll’s works, particularly the two Alice books, that a massive market of Carroll-related collectibles has sprung up and continues strong today.  It began in Carroll’s own lifetime; in one case, he licensed the use of images from the  Alice books on some biscuit tins, then expressed great dismay to the manufacturer when they shipped with actual biscuits in them!  Part of the pleasure of collecting, of course, is the ability to find intriguing items at all price levels.  Perhaps it’s a million dollar one of a kind original artwork.  Or perhaps it’s just a lunch box, a vintage game or toy, or even a modest thimble.  To quote the Dodo: “All must have prizes”!  And sometimes it’s just fun to look, since collectibles serve as a reflection not only of Carroll’s genuis, but also of the time in which they were produced.

We cannot hope to touch on all aspects of Carroll collectibles, but as a balance to our scholarly pursuits, we’ll use our Blog to keep you posted on entertaining new items as they come to our attention.

For something devoted entirely to Carrollian collectibles, you might want to visit the Alice in Wonderland Collector’s Network Facebook group, maintained by LCSNA member Joel Birenbaum.  We do not necessarily endorse, nor do we profit by what you see on that site, unless it is specifically stated.  But we think you’ll enjoy it.