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The sampling of links below will provide you with a starting point for research about Lewis Carroll, his works, his life, and his time.   These links should provide you with ample information to begin a study project, whether it be a school essay or a doctoral thesis.  You will find Carroll a fascinating topic, regardless of the aspect you choose to explore.  There is a great deal of rubbish on the internet, as you likely know, including the occasional ill-considered and unsupported statements of “facts” about Lewis Carroll.  For example, despite what you may read on some lazy sites, Carroll was not a user of recreational drugs; his creativity did not require artificial stimulus.  As always, when researching any topic, we encourage you to seek out reputable, responsible resources for your research, and double-check your facts.

Please note: All links provided on this site are for reference only, and do not necessarily represent an endorsement of a given site or its contents.  If you know of additional links appropriate for this or any of our other pages, please send the link to us!  We are always looking for new, good-quality links relating to Lewis Carroll.

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