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A Self-Portrait
A Self-Portrait

Lewis Carroll and Art/Graphics

Lewis Carroll always nursed a secret desire to be an artist, and to be acknowledged as one.  He not only wrote out the original Alice’s Adventures Underground, he also created lavish pen and ink illustrations throughout the text.  When he heeded the wise advice of friends and family to publish, he felt his own artistic skills were insufficient, and engaged noted Punch magazine illustrator and political satirist John Tenniel to create new images, making both men immortal in the process.  Carroll always worked very closely with his illustrators, and almost always had very strong opinions about what each image should be.  It’s only fitting, then, that his writings and life have inspired countless generations of artists to create and share their own visions of Wonderland, Looking-Glass Land, and more.  The links provided here are but a tiny sampling of what you can find online.  Some of the links lead to artworks created by our own members.

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