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Wall Street Journal article of June 12: For the anniversary of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ translations into Pashto, Esperanto, emoji and Blissymbols

This post contains excerpts from the WSJ article, which emphasizes Alice translations, including a preview of the ground-breaking three volume set, Alice in a World of Wonderlands. See full article “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic about a pert girl in a pinafore who falls down a rabbit hole into a magical and… [read full post]


New York Times article 2015/03/19

New York Times article 2015/03/19 While the Alice of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was a fictional British character, she has touched the hearts of young and old worldwide, particularly in the United States. So it will come as no surprise that many of this year’s commemorations of the 150th anniversary of the novel’s… [read full post]