LCSNA Officer Slate, 2022-2024

Arnold Hirshon is the Vice Provost and Lindseth Family University Librarian Emeritus at Case Western Reserve University. His professional experience spans forty-eight years in the library profession, including university library and technology leadership positions at six research universities and as the chief executive officer of a non-profit organization. Within the library profession, Arnold authored an extensive number of scholarly publications, and he served as an international lecturer and consultant on six continents, including as an advisor for a Carnegie Foundation program for major research universities in South Africa and as a consultant for a new university in Vietnam. Arnold is a Past President of the national Association for Library Collections and Technical Services. For over twenty years he has worked as a consultant, educator, and most recently as the chair of the Management Board of EIFL, an international association of library consortia in more than 40 developing countries across Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia. Arnold is an inveterate collector of Carroliana, and (unrelated to the Mad Tea Party) a collector of art teapots. For the LCSNA and at a number of universities, Arnold has been a frequent speaker about the illustrated editions of Alice and Looking-Glass, and he has been a member of the LCSNA Board of Directors since 2017.

Heather Simmons’ lifelong fascination with Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll culminated in the launch of her website Alice Is Everywhere in 2015. The “New & Noteworthy” (according to iTunes) Alice Is Everywhere podcast followed in 2016. Heather joined the Lewis Carroll Society of North America in 2015. She’s had the privilege of curating their social media since early 2019, and has served as Chairwoman of the Senior Common Room Curators and host of virtual events since mid-2020. Heather was born and raised in Western New York, determined to become the next Steven Spielberg. She had the astoundingly bad timing to graduate film school just before the digital revolution, but stubbornly took herself and her film-splicing talents to Hollywood anyway. In between sporadic acting and tutoring jobs, Heather carved out a career in the field of Internet search and more recently, as a video game script supervisor.

Sandra Parker has been a fan of Lewis Carroll since falling into Wonderland at age 10. She joined the Lewis Carroll Society of North America in 1993 and has served as LCSNA Secretary since 2016. Except on golden afternoons, she can be found cataloging books at Dumbarton Oaks.

Linda Cassady came late to the Lobster Quadrille and has continued to dance with Alice and Carroll since she and her husband, George Cassady, MD, gifted a small (at the time) Lewis Carroll Collection to the University of Southern California. Her area of “collecting” Carroll is as a sponsor of the Wonderland Award, an annual multidisciplinary competition that encourages new scholarship and creative work related to Lewis Carroll. The competition is in its 18th year and in the spirit of “all must have prizes”, Linda and USC coedited and published four books of student work and have supported many exhibitions from the students and the USC Carroll Collection. In 2016 she became Vice President of the LCSNA under the mentorship of the most Uffish, Stephanie Lovett, PhD and in 2018 was elected President. Linda and the Board of Directors had a porpoise close behind them and treading on their tails the last several years. She would like to continue the dance.