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Snark in the Park: Theater for children in New Orleans

Fresh air and nonsense is available for all at the New Orleans Museum of Art for the next two Saturdays of this month. The Hunting of the Snark, adapted for children by Skin Horse Theater, is being performed in the Sculpture Garden on March 10 and March 17 at 3pm. Admission is free. These daytime… [read full post]


Into the Looking Glass exhibit at the Noyes Museum

If you’re on the Jersey Shore this Winter, stop in the Noyes Museum of Art in Oceanville, New Jersey. An exhibition called “Alice: Into the Looking Glass” is running from February 3rd thru May 20th. The show is described thusly: A diverse selection of works range from illustrations based closely on Carroll’s text, to works… [read full post]


500 years of interactive books (and no iPads) at the University of Rochester

Another exhibition for our East Coast readers: Springing to Life: Movable Books & Mechanical Devices at the University of Rochester. Interactive books long-predate the LCD screen, and this exhibition features over 50 examples of pop-up, pull-tab, lift-flap, spin-dial papier-mechanical ingenuity from the past 500 years. In the video below, curator Leah Hamilton introduces the exhibition and… [read full post]