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Oxford StoryPods Nonsense Contest and Mad Hatter Lunch Party

Liz and Francis of Oxford Storypods, the talented folks who put out a very nice audio version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland paired with a great selection of poems and letters, have just announced a contest for nonsense writing in a Carrollian vein.  You can read the details by clicking here.  It’s a particularly challenging… [read full post]


The Future of Alice Books, Part III of an Infinite Part Series

Several LCSNA members have noticed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland featured in magazine advertisements for something called 100 Classic Books. Gary Brockman describes one ad thus: “Against a background of bookshelves packed with mostly leather-bound volumes, a pair of manicured hands holds open an electronic reader. On the left ‘page’ are the last lines of ‘All… [read full post]


The Future of Alice Books, Part II of an Infinite Part Series

There’s more discussion on the Alice pop-up book app for the iPad (originally mentioned here in the post Through the LED Screen). The Atomic Antelope app ($9, or a free demo) is the original Carroll text with interactive animated illustrations based on Tenniel. Mathematician Marcus du Sautoy is ruminating on all of this over at… [read full post]


Alice in Fiscal Wonderland and Alice in Manx, but not at the same time

John Bull’s Adventures in Fiscal Wonderland, a new edition from Evertype

Last month saw two new publications from Evertype, veritable fount of Alice parodies, translations, and rare reprints. (See the complete catalog here.) John Bull’s Adventures in Fiscal Wonderland, by Charles Geake and Francis Carruthers Gould is a parody of late 19th century British economic politics, originally published in 1904. Publisher Michael Everson reassures readers that no specialist… [read full post]


Limited edition Folio Society facsimile of Alice’s Adventures under Ground

The Folio Society

The Folio Society has published a facsimile of the original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures under Ground. The print run will be limited to 3,750 hand-numbered copies, each clad in goat skin and gold and priced at $179.95. The edition comes with a companion booklet describing the adventures of the manuscript itself, authored by Sally Brown, Curator… [read full post]