German Translations of Carroll’s Works Available Print-on-Demand

Tenniel Looking-Glass TrainHere is another publishing item from one of our mimsy minions:

“Günther Flemming’s German translation of the Alice books (including Under Ground and the Nursery), the Snark, plus a plethora of prefaces, poems, riddles, biographical sketches, and the article “Alice on the Stage,” along with a “kaleidoscope” of annotations and commentary — a task begun in 1967 — has been published in three hardcover volumes. The total cost is €209 ($284) plus postage.
To buy, go to the print-on-demand site and put “Günther Flemming” in the Search (Suchen) box, or buy it from


The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett Available for Sale May 28th!

Today is publication day for this fascinating new novel from Charlie Lovett, former LCSNA President and wonderfully active LCSNA member:

The Bookman’s Tale is a new novel from Viking Books by Charlie Lovett (former president of the LCSNA and author of several books on Lewis Carroll). Set in the world of rare books, the novel includes several references to Alice and in particular to the original manuscript book of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground at the British Library. The Bookman’s Tale hits stores on May 28 and has been named by Barnes and Noble as its latest “Recommends” title. The book will be published in the UK and Australia this summer and in at least nine foreign languages in the coming months. More information is available on Charlie’s website,, where you will also find his “Bookman’s Blog” dedicated to all things bookish and containing frequent entries about items in his Lewis Carroll collection.

If you’ll be in Manhattan, Charlie will be signing copies at the Barnes & Noble at 86th Street and Lexington Avenue on Wednesday, June 26th, at 7pm.  You can also buy the book from the aforementioned bookseller by clicking here or by clicking the image on this post.