Lewis Carroll Phillustrated

Roger Allen, a long-time member of the LCS(UK), has produced a very amusing booklet, Lewis Carroll Phillustrated, of 42 pages measuring 8 x 11¾ inches and beautifully illustrated in color “focusing on Carroll’s connections with the post office and postage stamps.” The pamphlet consists “of most of the characters and scenes in the Alices and the Snark, illustrated by means of postage stamps of the world, all culled from his own copious collection.” Roger has asked that interested parties send a $20 bill (although we really don’t recommend sending cash via the mail!) or a sterling check for 13 GBP (no checks in US dollars) to:

Mr. Roger E. Allen
29 Soloman Drive
Bideford, Devon EX39 5XY


A Jabberwocky for the Computer Programming Age

Today, we received this note and clever riff on Lewis Carroll’s famous poem Jabberwocky, from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.  Thank you, Austin Dixon, for sharing this with everyone!  Readers: if you enjoy it, please post a comment here to let Austin know you appreciate his efforts.  Thanks!  Now, we just need someone to write a version as a Monty Python script.

I would like to submit this Jabberwocky parody for your consideration. It’s what Jabberwocky would look like if it were a Python Script. I wrote this myself, and I give you the right to use it on your site if you wish. Just include my name if you do. Thanks.

 def jabberWocky (brillig, toves, slithey, gyre, gimble, borogroves, mimsey, in_grabe, out_grabe, mome):

while (brillig == True) AND (toves == slithy):

wabe = toves * (gyre + gimble)

return wabe

if (borogroves != mimsy):

mome.raths = in_grabe

momeStatus = mome.raths

print (“Status for Mome Raths is”, momeStatus)


mome.raths = out_grabe

momeStatus = mome.raths

print (“Status for Mome Raths is”, momeStatus)

Copyright 2013 by
Austin Dixon
Digitization Technologist | Hoole Library