State of the City Address "Aliso is Wonderland"

Politicians are frequently accused of dwelling in an “Alice in Wonderland world” but few would deliberately claim the address. Not so the mayor of Aliso Viejo in Orange County who declared “Aliso is Wonderland” in his annual State of the City address on Wednesday night. In what the Orange County Register describes as “a big departure from past State of the City speeches,” Mayor Phillip Tsunoda, welcomed City dignitaries and guests before talking with a voiced-over Johnny Depp/Mad Hatter. Guests then posed for pictures with various Wonderland characters.

Mayor Phillip Tsunoda, left, and others accompanied by a mad march hatter. Photo credit: Oliver Yu


2 comments to State of the City Address “Aliso is Wonderland”

  • Dave Simpson

    The event was a nice twist on the usual boring State of the City most do. It made those that lived there proud and those that were not from there interested in the city.

  • Rachel Eley

    It did look fun! Were you there, Dave? Could you describe how the conversation with the Mad Hatter worked? I can’t quite imagine it.