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Centenary Miscellaneous

Carroll Centenary Miscellaneous

This page contains links to miscellaneous items dealing with the Lewis Carroll Centenary.

  • In observance of the centenary of the death of Lewis Carroll then Lewis Carroll Society of North America has published In Memoriam Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a book of obituaries of Lewis Carroll and related pieces. The intent of this book is to give a view of how Carroll was perceived around the world at the time of his death. Although the obituaries contain many factual errors, these are generally noted and then can be ignored in favor of getting the emotions felt by the readers (after all the writers were targeting for their readers) and the impact of Carroll’s works on the general public.  This book is available for purchase from this site.
  • A Centenary web page in Catalan
  • Another Catalan centenary page
  • A nice homage