A Call for Unpublished Carrollian Games and Puzzles

The White RabbitThis just in from Chris Morgan:

“Oh Dear, How Puzzling It All Is”

I am currently editing Volume 5 in the LCSNA’s The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll series, this one about “Games and Puzzles.” In addition to all of the relevant pamphlets, I would like to get copies of any unpublished Carroll letters and other manuscripts that mention games and puzzles, so I can cite them in the book. I would also like to cite any games and puzzles that have appeared over the years that have been inspired by Carroll’s ideas.  Any information about these topics would be greatly appreciated.
 – Chris Morgan

Time is fleeting!  If you can help Chris, please do contact him directly as soon as possible with the details of what you have.  Thanks for your contribution to Carrollian scholarship!