Vintage Muppet Show Clip Offers Young Brooke Shields as Alice

Memory lane is strewn with many curious things, including Wonderland-themed musical numbers from various television shows.  Here, in Episode 506 of The Muppet Show, a young and charming Brooke Shields (whose singing has improved significantly since this very early effort) plays the role of Alice in a musical number about her trip down the rabbit hole, appropriately titled “Falling.”

All sorts of odd Jim Henson creatures float by Alice as she falls.  Doctor Teeth’s head is on the Cheshire Cat’s body, and he gets to sing the best lyrical zinger, one that pretty much sums up most Alice adaptations.  Listen for it!

Thanks to one of our mimsy minions for sending along the link to this amusing vintage clip.  (If the video doesn’t show below, try refreshing this page.)