Wonderland Label on Babble Wine at Trader Joe’s

One of our West Coast mimsy minions reports that Trader Joe’s carries Babble Wine, made exclusively for them by “a renowned vintner” (who apparently shall remain nameless) from Mendocino County.  The label sports Tenniel’s image of The Mouse’s Tale.  So, if you drink want and want a little touch of Wonderland at your table, look for it at your local Trader Joe’s.  To read more about it, click me. 

Note: This wine may not be available at all Trader Joe’s locations.


Alice Discovers Concrete (Poetry) in Wonderland!

The long-running TV game show “Jeopardy” features Carrolian “answers” on a regular basis.  Sadly, the three contestants often don’t know the appropriate “question” in response.  But on the May 29th episode, the Mouse’s Tale was used as an example of “this kind of poetry” and a contestant correctly responded “what is concrete?”

Wikipedia also references the Mouse’s Tale when giving examples of concrete poetry.  We’ve heard of a “poetry slam” but the Mouse’s Tale is more of a “poetry slab!”