Honorable Mention for LCSNA-member Tatiana Ianovskaia

Two weeks ago we reported that paintings by LCSNA-member Tatiana Ianovskaia were appearing in “Down the Rabbit Hole,” a juried art exhibition in Bakersfield, California. The good news has now reached us that her oil painting “Court” received an honorable mention, one of only three awards given out at the show. “Best in Show” went to artist Nancy Sharp for a mixed media piece entitled “A Very Cheesy Cheshire.”

More of Tatiana’s Alice-inspired work, including her illustrated Alice in Wonderland, can be viewed from her website.

“Down the Rabbit Hole,” featuring many other interpretations of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, will remain on display until March 25th at the Younger Gallery, 1440 Truxtun Ave, downtown Bakersfield, CA.


"Down the Rabbit Hole": Juried art exhibition in Bakersfield, California

Central Californian Carrollians and other art lovers should direct their GPS towards Bakersfield, California, for a juried exhibit of art inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. The Arts Council of Kern invite members and guests ($5) to the opening tonight (Friday, January 29th, 5:30 to 7:30pm) at the Younger Gallery, 1440 Truxtun Ave., Suite 105, in charming downtown Bakersfield. LCSNA member Tatiana Ianovskaia has had two of her paintings, “Court” (30″x 40″, oil,canvas, $1850, ) and “Antipathies” ( 30″x24″, acrylic, canvas , $1000 – pictured below and on her website here) chosen by the judge to be included. Also on display is Outside in Wonderland: “Artworks created by the members of the Outside In Visual Arts Workshop, a workshop for artists with developmental disabilities.”


Tania’s Alice

A new colored edition of Alice in Wonderland is printed and available from illustrator Tatiana Ianovskaia! The price is $40 for the book (plus postage). Perfect binding, paper cover, 63 original colored illustrations. 50 copies only are printed.

There is a discounted option of the same publication due to some printing flaws, e.g., change of the font, duplicated pages that had to be removed. Pictures at the beginning of “The Mad Tea Party,” on page 8, and on page 38 look different in the two runs. The price for these flawed copies is $25 each book (plus postage). Perfect binding, paper cover, 63 original coloured illustrations. Artist can sign the book if requested. Again, 50 copies are printed.

If interested, write to Tatiana at “tianovskaia at yahoo dot ca”.


Arty Alice

Sue Johnson’s “Alice Redux” panorama will be on display at New York City’s Schroeder Romero/Winkleman Gallery Project Space through April 26. “The 20-foot-long panorama imagines Alice grown up and finding her way through a dream world cluttered by the flotsam and jetsam of modern consumer culture. Advertising images of everyday products appear alongside allusions to the Lewis Carroll tale, making the work a contemporary fantasia of incongruous imagery.” http://somd.com/news/headlines/2008/7363.shtml

A belated congratulations to Bryan Talbot: His Alice in Sunderland was placed on the shortlist for the British Science Fiction Association’s Best Novel award back in January. Winners will be announced at Eastercon this coming week: www.bsfa.co.uk/bsfa/website/awards.aspx.

Some of you may have read the review in the most recent Knight Letter about the Theatre Gajes (www.gajestheater.nl) “stilted” open air performance in Germany. The group recently toured in Toronto, where LCSNA member Tania Ianovskaia attended and took photos: http://picasaweb.google.com/bianovski/AliceNathanPhillipsSquare?authkey=PMdOt4f-P4o.

Last but not least, the one of the winners of the New York Times “Pi Day” (3/14) Poetry Contest (http://tierneylab.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/03/17/contest-winners/) is Mike Keith’s Cadaeic Cadenza, in which each succeeding word of the poem has the same number of letters as the corresponding digit of pi… to the 3,835th digit! Section 3 of the poem is a strange, but clever parody of “Jabberwocky.” http://users.aol.com/s6sj7gt/cadtext.htm