Scientists Discover a Real-Life Smoking Caterpillar

Disney CaterpillarFrom the ever-popular “Almost Stranger Than Fiction” Department comes news that scientists have discovered a species of tobacco plant-eating caterpillar that “smokes” to ward off potential predators.  No, really.

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Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar Defies UK Smoking Ban

Disney CaterpillarFrom the “You can’t make this stuff up (unless maybe you’re Lewis Carroll)” Department comes this entertaining news item from the UK.  It seems a florist in Blackburn had a wooden figure of the Disney Caterpillar in her store’s window display, complete with a faux hookah.  A local protection officer was walking by the shop, and became concerned that the Caterpillar was breaking the local ordinance against smoking in the workplace.  No, really.  Or that the shopkeeper was actually running an illicit hookah den.  To read the whole silly story and see photos of the Caterpillar caught in the non-act, click me.

Thanks to one of our mimsiest minions for sharing this little gem of a story.  What would Lewis Carroll have said?