Exploring the Influence of Lewis Carroll’s Trip to Russia on His Photography

Art History November 2013One of our mimsy minions has alerted us that a recent issue of Art History journal includes an article entitled “Shopping in St Petersburg: Lewis Carroll’s Photographs and Icons”  Here’s a brief excerpt, courtesy of our minion:

“While critics have paid scant attention to Carroll’s Russian visit, maintaining it had little impact upon him since he never again travelled abroad, the rich visual experience of religious icon and secular photographic ‘type’ meant that after 1867, in revisiting Chinese and other costume photographs, Carroll contrived scenarios both formally and conceptually different from that realized in Lorina and Alice Liddell of 1860. Most noticeably he combined the distinctive material forms and metaphysical resonances of ‘photograph’ and ‘icon’ in his increasing preference for photographing individual female children dressed in ethnic costume posed in interiors devoid of the decorative trappings of nineteenth-century portrait studios.”

Issues of the journal are hosted by the Wiley Online Library.  If you do not have access to the site through the institution for which you work, they also offer an option of renting access to the article for 24 hours.

The article appears in Volume 36, Issue 5, pages 968–993, November 2013.  To learn more, click me.


New Editions of Alice in Russian Illustrated by Gennady Kalinovskii

Gennady Kalinovskii

The superbly rendered, playful black and white illustrations of Gennady Kalinovskii have up to now only been available in editions by Detskaya Literatura published in Moscow: Wonderland in 1977, retold and introduced by Boris Zakhoder, and Looking-Glass in 1980, retold and introduced by Vladimir Orel. The publisher Studio “4+4” from Moscow has recently reprinted them in a larger art edition (21.5 cm x 32.5 cm vs. 17 cm x 22 cm), with paper board and cloth binding. They can be ordered (in English) directly from the editor, Elena Borisova, for $90 for both books, including postage, at lborisova@rambler.ru. The books can be mailed anywhere.

You can read about these editions of Wonderland and Looking-Glass on a Russian website; if your Russian is rusty, just click on the small image of the book at the bottom of the page and you can flip through it. Wonderland is ISBN 978-5-99-02284-8-1 and Looking-Glass is ISBN 978-5-9902284-5-0.