LCSNA in the TLS!

Lewis Carroll: Voices From France by Elizabeth Sewell

LCSNA’s 2008 publication of Dr. Elizabeth Sewell’s scholarly study Lewis Carroll: Voices from France has been noted in the Times Literary Supplement of May 7, 2010. The review itself is mixed; the reviewer comments that the book has many fine aperçus and admires its close readings, but objects to some of the qualities that we most enjoyed, such as her “speculative flights” and “insouciance.” Also, Sewell was in her late seventies when she wrote this book, not nearly ninety, as he suggests.

If you would like to pit your critical wit against the TLS, you can purchase the book from this very website! Click on the link to “All Publications” in the top menu bar.


Alice Fashion in 2010

Fashion is a weak suit at Let “Universe” Be “Books”, but since Disney declared Alice is the New Black at a Las Vegas trade show back in September, Alice, and the prospect of tie-in merchandise, have been inspiring a number of fashion creations probably worth mentioning.

The Los Angeles Times reviewed the playing field on December 6th, name checking designers such as Donatella Versace, Jason Wu, and Antonio Marras, one of whom I have heard of. Mr Tom Binns is also making jewelery around the theme of absolutely smashing tea parties (New York Times photograph below).

Then there’s Swarovski (pictured at top), always hot on Disney’s trail; Fashion Times warns us what is to come in the 2010 Spring-Summer collection:

Rabbits, watches, cups of tea, small muffins and donuts, flowers embellish necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings, precious and ironic.

Donuts? Anyway.
The cosmetics brand Urban Decay is coming out with a pop-up make-up box that Lewis Carroll would have been proud of, though he may have been less into the idea of little girls wearing eyeshadow with names like “muchness” (green) and “curiouser” (purple). (Thanks go to Diana Ajih from the blog Hot Beauty Health for locating sneak preview pictures.)

Vogue magazine’s naturally prophetic 2003 Alice-themed photoshoot, in which “the world’s most influential designers dress[ed] the original little girl lost in their own visions”, is back for viewing in the blogosphere, while the French department store Printemps has announced that the world’s most controversial designers will be dressing their store windows in one-off designs in time for Paris Fashion Week in February.
And for those who need that little blue dress now, Entertainment Weekly provided a short guide to “getting the look” of Syfy’s Alice.
Finally, Rock ‘n Roll Bride, “a little haven of kick ass weddingness in the overly poofy, pastel and often puke-worthy wedding world” posts Alice in her Wonderland, a photoshoot vision of a wedding with a difference (clue: the bride gets to eat the cake and the groom is nowhere to be seen).
Enough of fashion!

« Alice Still Alive » in its Thirteenth Incarnation

Every year since Lewis Carroll’s centennial in 1998, French artist Guy Jacqumin has asked other “Artistes Alicéens” to collaborate on an exhibition around an Alice-related theme, like 2004’s Alice à la Folie or 2003’s Alice dionysienne. If you’re near Paris in the next few weeks, stop by the Centre d’arts plastiques Albert Chanot, 33 rue Brissard, 92140 Clamart. Alice chez Albert et Lucie, the thirteenth Alice still alive, will show starting December 12th, 2009, thru January 3rd, 2010. Previous Alice still alives can be seen at, which the British Lewis Carroll Society has kindly translated here. (Thanks to Mark Richards and Hugues Lebailly of the LCS for the tip.)