Happy Birthday Mr. Dogdson!

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born 181 years ago today. To mark the occasion, here are selection of appropriate cakes. (Click on each image to be taken to the webpage where it was found.)

The full tableau approach, posted on Flickr

Icing the Roses Red, from Occasions Online

A Tim Burton tribute, posted by R. Mansur at WonderHowTo.com.

A psychedelic number from the Sugar Me Bakery

This one seems to fill the room…

And if you haven’t yet had your fill, there’s plenty more here.

Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table: she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words ‘Eat me’ were beautifully marked in currants. ‘Well, I’ll eat it,’ said Alice, ‘and if it makes me grow larger, I can reach the key; and if it makes me grow smaller, I can creep under the door; so either way I’ll get into the garden, and I don’t care which happens! – Chapter One, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland



“O Oysters, come and walk with us!” at the Walrus & Carpenter Nighttime Picnic

“A picnic” on legendary Totten Inlet at low tide in the dark and cold in the middle of the winter, and, if you are lucky, an icy gust of wind off the bay to season the experience — more than a little crazy, yes?

Crazy? Yes, but with impeccable literary credentials. Jon Rowley of Taylor Shellfish Farms in Shelton, WA, is taking reservations for his annual nighttime oyster picnic, inspired by the Walrus and the Carpenter.

Beneath a sulkily shining moon, adventurous diners march up and down the oyster beds before eating each and every bivalve they fancy. Or as Rowley describes it, “Lantern light, freezing weather, plump, sweet oysters just rousted from their beds and opened on the spot, award-winning “oyster wines” drunk out of Reidel stemware, a bonfire — just the right mix of magic and madness.”

These pleasant walks will take place on December 21, January 7, and February 6. Reservations can be made online at Brown Paper Tickets.


Secret supper club leads diners down the rabbit hole

Secret supper clubs are all the rage, so we’ve heard (we’ve never found one). Right now, somewhere in Vancouver, the Swallow Tail Supper Club is entertaining diners with fine food, cocktails, and live entertainment on a Wonderland theme. Local blogger Ariane Colenbrander seems to be in on the secret:

The evening starts at the outskirts of a moonlit forest, where guests are greeted by a frantic White Rabbit, who ushers them down the rabbit hole, to a nostalgic world of childhood fairytale characters. The Mad Hatter pours tea and soup is served in a “Drink Me” bottle labeled either “Big” or “Small”. The bottle guests drink from will determine their next course. More...

According to the same blog, celebrity chef and Food Network star Bob Blumer may also be involved, though it is not clear how. The supper club will be operating for only a few more days—they don’t seem to be sold out yet. Tickets cost $129 a head.
Tenniel's Leg of Mutton


Oxfork Underground Restaurant Spotted

Intelligence just in from our spies on the ground in Oxford, England. “Fancy dress appreciated” is a good sell, we think.



Alice eats some more…

It looks like there may be another Alice-themed cookbook in the works. Pierre A Lamielle, author of the Gourmand award-winning Kitchen Scraps: A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook, has just mentioned on his blog that he is collaborating with best-selling cookbook author Julie van Rosendaal on a new book, Alice Eats. Once again, this cookbook will follow what seems to be a very tempting format:

This version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will include the original text laced with story-inspired tea party-themed recipes with step-by-step photos, vibrant illustrations and a nice big Mad Hatter Tea Party section in the middle.

According to the posting, the book is almost finished and they are approaching publishers. There was also a “sneak peak-ture” of one of the illustrations.

Sneak peak of Alice Eats, by Pierre Lamielle and Julie van Rosedaal

Sneak peak of Alice Eats, by Pierre Lamielle and Julie van Rosedaal


Recipe for Murder: Cooking tips from the Queen of Hearts and other villains

Wondering what to serve at your Halloween dinner party? How about Patrick Bateman’s roast beef with truffled mashed potatoes, followed by Snow White’s stepmother’s caramel apples? Recipe for Murder: Frighfully Good Food Inspired by Fiction by culinary journalist Estérelle Payany appears to be full of good ideas for macabre entertaining.

Similar in concept to Alice Eats Wonderland published earlier this year, this is a cookbook for those who like their recipes fully contextualized:

Thirty-two great hero-villains of literature lure the reader into the kitchen to sample their signature recipes. Estérelle Payany shares to-die-for recipes inspired by scoundrels from popular literature. Each chapter opens with an excerpt from the original story and quirky illustrations by Jean-François Martin featuring the criminal and his recipe.

More sneak-peeks of the fabulous illustrations can be viewed on the blog Brain Pickings, though unfortunately there is no glimpse of the Queen of Hearts who, we are told, has contributed her recipe for treacle tarts.

Recipe for Murder is published by Flammarion and is selling on Amazon for $17.96 (hardback).


Alice Eats Wonderland: A Cookbook

Alice Eats Wonderland, “An Irreverent Annotated Cookbook Adventure,” is available now. Authored by by LCSNA members August A. Imholtz, Jr. and Alison Tannenbaum – aka Baumholtz (we like portmanteau names) – the cookbook follows the twelve chapter format of AAIW, but this time Alice gets a bit more to eat than cake and biscuits.

Menu items include Stuffed Dormouse, Jugged Hare and Iguana Tamales, but fear not for your favorite animal characters! (or at least, fear less!), the publisher, Applewood Books, reassures us: “Although many of the characters seem, alas, to be transformed into edible dishes during the adventure, the story has a surprisingly happy ending.”

We hear that Alice Eats Wonderland combines excerpts from the original text, scholarly notes and original illustrations with recipes to challenge, intrigue, and possibly upset, the most adventurous gastronome. Has anyone had a chance to sample the book? Has anyone jugged a hare? Please post your reviews and experiences in the comments below!

Alice Eats Wonderland is available at $14.95 per copy, plus shipping, from Applewood Books, 1 River Road, Carlisle, MA, 01741. Phone: 781-271-0055; e-mail: applewood@awb.com