Camille Rose Garcia and Mary Blair Exhibit at Disney Family Museum

Camille Rose Garcia’s Duchess ©2010

Attention lovers of Carroll/Alice-themed art!  We have just learned of the following exhibit, opening May 9th.  If you attend, drop us a line and let us know what you thought!

Camille Rose Garcia: Down the Rabbit Hole
Walt Disney Family Museum
San Francisco, California
May 9–November 3, 2013

This exhibition will feature two very different artists who have contributed to the canon of Alice illustration: Mary Blair and Camille Rose Garcia. Color stylist and designer Mary Blair helped introduce modern art to Walt Disney and his studio, and worked with him for nearly 30 years. Ten of her concept paintings for the 1951 Alice in Wonderland animated film will be on display. Juxtapozed (the spelling is intentional to reflect the sponsor of the exhibit) with this are 40 drawings by Camille Rose Garcia from her illustrated Wonderland in 2010. “With her conscious disregard for perspective or scale in her compositions, Garcia creates a fresh and contemporary depiction of the dreamlike story. Her illustrations not only draw from a Goth sensibility, but also the thriving ‘low-brow art’ movement in Los Angeles and its references to classic cartoons, 60’s TV sitcoms, rock music, and comic books.” Further information at


Alice Illustrations at the Veluws Museum Nairac (Barneveld, Netherlands)

Camille Rose Garcia: ‘De hertogin zat op een krukje in het midden, met een baby op schoot’, 2010

There’s an exhibit at the Veluws Museum Nairac in Barneveld, Netherlands, from June 12th till October 30th. It celebrates the many looks of Alice, featuring illustrations from Tenniel through Camille Rose Garcia. They also claim to have “een bijzondere Aboriginal uitgave” (special edition Aboriginal?) In addition to the art, visitors “make a journey through Wonderland, where a number of themes and life-size figures are depicted. See yourself in the strange mirrors, sliding in to the perpetual tea party celebration with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare and take a look at the animal room.” (Text google-translated from their blurb.) The museum is at Langstraat 13, 3771 BA Barneveld.


Camille Rose Garcia's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Camille Rose Garcia, an artist from L.A.’s lowbrow art movement, has illustrated Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Surely one of the most punk Alices to go underground, it was released on Groundhog Day, 2010. Below is a sketch posted on the blog Arrested Motion, but we look forward to seeing the finished product in beautiful hardcover, from Collins Design (list price $16).