One Writer’s Personal Tour of Oxford

Tenniel Looking-Glass TrainOne of our trusty mimsy minions passed along this link to a recent NY Times travel article.  It’s basically one writer’s personal tour of Oxford, England.  Surprisingly, there is only a fleeting mention of Alice, and that’s about the treacle well.  But perhaps the writer assumes others have covered the Carrollian elements sufficiently elsewhere.  Never, say we!  ;-)

If you’d like to read the Oxford travelogue, click me.

Vintage Promo Clip for Children’s Fairyland Includes Alice as Narrator

If you’re a fan of theme parks, you might enjoy this vintage promotional clip from the early ’60s for Children’s Fairyland in Oakland, CA.  Alice appears as tour guide at around 3:55, and at 9:20 she shows the little Wonderland Carousel.  Staff claim their park inspired Walt Disney to create his own. If nothing else, this clip makes for an interesting cultural time capsule!

A Google Map of Lewis Carroll’s Visit to Moscow

As any serious fan of Lewis Carroll knows, he only left his beloved British Isles once in his entire life.  And no, it was not to visit America and see a Broadway show–although I’m pretty sure he would have enjoyed that, too.  His one trip abroad was to Moscow.  He and his friend and traveling companion Henry Liddon both recorded copious observations in their diaries, and their thoughts are fascinating to read (If you haven’t already, check out The Russian Journal sometime).

Now, in keeping with modern times, the web site Russia: Beyond the Headlines has put together a brief article about the trip, including a Google map showing key destinations, so that you can walk in Lewis Carroll’s footsteps.  To read all about it (in English), click here!