Alice in LEGOLand

Tyler “LEGOhaulic” Clites grew up watching the Disney Alice in Wonderland film and loved its absurdity. It inspired him as he grew older to read the books, which sparked the idea of re-creating these worlds in miniature. When asked where he feels his work draws most from, Clites cites both Disney and Tenniel, whose versions he combines in whimsical ways that fans of either­–or both­–can spot. Clites has completed four Alice-themed projects so far: the Mad Tea Party, the croquet game, the hall with the glass table, and the caterpillar. Each has an extraordinary attention to detail, as well as a palpable sense of play and enjoyment. The projects are all made with off-the-shelf LEGO pieces and parts, though some date back many years, culled from his personal collection. You can see his work here.


Mushroom Flash Drive

From the “just when you thought you’d seen it all” department, along with the “Gee, I just don’t know what to do with this $36K burning a whole in my expensive pants pocket” department, comes this costly bauble: a diamond-studded mushroom charm that houses a 32 gigabyte flash drive.  The designer claims the look was “inspired by the classic novel Alice in Wonderland.”  We couldn’t make this stuff up.  But someone did–and they’re selling it.  To see for yourself, or if you’re looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift for that special someone, click here.


Alice at a Glance: One-Page Wonderlands

Looking for all of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on a single page? Yes, it has been done, and what’s more, you have quite a selection to choose from.

Novel Poster sell this 18 by 26 inch, very-legible print that reveals Alice playing croquet in the negative space ($40).

Novel Poster

Postertext make one similar, but with slightly different dimensions—a 20 by 24 inch print with the text split over seven columns reveals Alice talking to the Cheshire Cat ($23.99).

20 x 24″ from Postertext

This action shot from Spineless Classics shows their more detailed poster. It measures 50 by 70 centimeters (about 20 by 28 inches) ($39.99).

Spineless Classics

Litographs offer several options: the 24 x 36 inch print ($29) includes the full text of both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass ($29); the 18 x 24 inch print includes the full text of just Wonderland ($24).


The Litographs prints are the only ones available in color ($29 for the smaller poster, $39 for the larger one). They also make a full-text t-shirtguaranteed to get you some squinty attention whenever you wear it.


For a greater challenge, you might like to try assembling you own one-page Wonderland with this 672-piece jigsaw puzzle from Spineless Classics ($29.99). In addition to whiling away a winter evening, I’m sure it’s also a fascinating way to get to know the book really well.

Spineless Classics


Renaissance Art and Technology Combine to Tell Alice’s Story Again

Emmanuel Paletz

Are tablet computers revolutionizing the picture book? Ask me again in a hundred years. In the meantime, authors continue to explore the question by experimenting with the ever-willing, always-revolutionary Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. First to be mentioned on this site was Atomic Antelope’s ground-breaking “digital pop-up book”, then David Neal’s animation of classic illustrations. Now we have a third: an unabridged Alice illustrated with images from Renaissance art. The result sounds like it will be interesting:

To portray the colorful events and idiosyncratic characters of this book, Paletz gleans bits and pieces from Jan van Eyck, Joachim Patinir, Quentin Matsys, Hans Holbein, Sandro Botticelli, Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Hieronymus Bosch and more, combining them into his signature visual collages which dazzle the eye. Alice is a book filled with riddles, puzzles, illogical delightfulness, and brainteasers.

… Most importantly, Paletz’s layered creation will inspire thought. Readers will fall into musings such as, “What is the historical significance of dressing Fish-Footmen in French Revolution military uniforms and the king as Henry VIII?” The use of Dutch and Flemish Renaissance art extends farther than the eye can see. Paletz pulls from historical events to shape each illustration with significance.

The book is the brainchild of Emmanuel Paletz, a creative consultant for the advertising industry and also the art director for the successful cookbook Art and Cook. Read more about him and about the storybook app on the project’s website. Emmanuel is seeking financial assistance to help bring his ebook project to completion. Donations of any amount can be made on the fundraising site IndieGoGo.


‘Tis the Season to Remember Who Does the Dishes

After every tea party must come the washing up (assuming your clock hasn’t stopped at 6 o’clock). Make the job more pleasant, or at least more literary, with the Alice in Wonderland Tea Towel or the Literary Map of Britain and Northern Island Tea Towel from the British Library (around $16 each, plus shipping). These were very popular when they first appeared and sold out quickly. Now they’re back.

Alice Tea Towel from the British Library

Alice Tea Towel from the British Library

Literary Map Tea Towel

Literary Map Tea Towel from the British Library


An Unabridged and Animated Alice for Tablet Computers

Long before the world knew anything of tablet PCs and iPads, David Neal had an idea for an animated audiobook that children could watch on a screen. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was the inspiration, more specifically the many talented illustrators who had brought the story to life. Fast forward twenty years and Neal has brought the story to life in his own way. As he puts it, “to make a long story short, twenty voices, three animators, an investor and various other help and ten or so months later, we have created Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, The 150th Anniversary Edition for Tablet Computers.

In the audiobook, classic illustrations are animated and sometimes merge into each other. Watching the preview, it is quite strange to see Bessie Pease Gutmann’s white rabbit metamorphose into Margaret Tarrant’s white rabbit and from there into Alice B. Woodward’s white rabbit—hopping all the way. Illustration afficionados might like to take the opportunity to test their knowledge as the scenes unfold!

The audiobook can be purchased via the website Alice Winks for $9.95.


Alice in Hulaland: Clothing, Jewelry and Hawaiiana

Alice in Hulaland

It’s hard to imagine anything less Victorian than the hula, but world-travelers like Alice always pay a visit to Hawaii sooner or later. Alice in Hulaland is a boutique in Paia, Maui, selling clothing, souvenirs and its own line of Alice in Hulaland t-shirts. You can order online or pretend you didn’t hear that and add it to your list of very important reasons to go to Hawaii.

One more piece of fashion news for you: back in May, a British newspaper reported that rogue Vogue editor Anna Dello Russo is designing Alice in Wonderland-inspired accessories for H&M. According to the article they should be appearing in stores worldwide next month.


The Wonderland Transit Map – for when it doesn’t much matter which way you go

Your destination will most certainly be uncertain if you follow the Wonderland/Looking-Glass Land Transit Map for sale on a t-shirt at According to the website, “the red line is Wonderland, the yellow line is Looking-Glass Land, and the blue line is a commuter line that makes it easier for all the queens to get together for tea.” But what happens if you try and change lines at Mount Jub-Jub, where in the world is the City of Charity, and will you ever find Dinah again? Proceed with caution.

Wonderland Transit Map

Wonderland Transit Map from Think Geek




Alice Party Ideas from a Party Planner to the Stars

If you are looking for ideas for an Alice-themed party the internet is full of suggestions. When it comes to comprehensiveness though one website in particular has come to our attention. Party Ideas by A Pro is run by an Englishman called Matt James – professional party planner to the likes of Elton John, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kevin Spacey. I’m not sure if any of them have ever requested an Alice-themed bash, but if they did it seems Matt would have plenty of advice.

His Alice in Wonderland party ideas starts with the important question of which Alice will be your inspiration (Tenniel, Disney, Tim Burton…) and goes on to provide an extensive list of ideas for invitations, decorations, food, costumes, and games. Every suggestion I have ever seen elsewhere is there, plus several that are new to me. His idea for creating a teeny tiny doorway through which your guests must crawl to enter the party particularly appealed to me for some reason. . .


New Alice in Wonderland Poster from Prospero Art

Do you want an Alice in Wonderland poster? How big? How about 12″ x 18″? Sounds delightful. You can put it up in all manner of places (walls are one suggestion.) Here’s a nice new one from our friends at Prospero Art, selling for $12.45. It has a handsome collage of colored Tenniel illustrations.