Quantum Cheshire Cat

The physicist in me is just giggling over this article.  How cool that two of my very favorite subjects have collided, and non-destructively too I might add.  Basically they’ve separated a particle from one of its properties.  How very Carrollian.

Scientific American Blog Post Considers Euclid and His Modern Rivals

Lewis Carroll with BookIf you’re a fan of geometry, math, or just Lewis Carroll, you might be interested in this blog post from Scientific American. It considers the importance and relevance of Mr. Dodsgon’s highly theatrical treatise Euclid and His Modern Rivals.  While it ultimately finds limitations in Dodgson’s conclusions, it applauds his sheer creativity in addressing a difficult and contentious topic.

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Another Person Diagnosed With Rare Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Tenniel Alice Long NeckOur thanks to a mimsy minion for this link to an article in the UK’s Daily Mail about another person who has been diagnosed with the rare disorder known as “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome,” in which the person experiences episodes where body parts and objects in the room appear to shrink and grow.

For the article, which includes many photos of the young woman in Alice costumes and a video of her purportedly experiencing the syndrome, click me.

Scientists Discover a Real-Life Smoking Caterpillar

Disney CaterpillarFrom the ever-popular “Almost Stranger Than Fiction” Department comes news that scientists have discovered a species of tobacco plant-eating caterpillar that “smokes” to ward off potential predators.  No, really.

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