What the Tortoise Said to Achilles

Our partners in crime across the pond have published a new text on Carroll’s 1895 paper What the Tortoise Said to Achilles.  This special edition of The Carrollian contains the original plus five new articles on this classic philosophical logic paper.  Get yours directly from The Lewis Carroll Society today!  Check out the preview here.


Stephen Hawking as the Mad Hatter?!

Well, we knew he was a genius but this takes him to a whole new level!  Columnist Ben Bowie of The Guardian write in his article about an upcoming documentary with Dr Hawking:

I went to a fancy dress party he threw, and the theme was Alice in Wonderland. He went as the Mad Hatter, and he looked great. I went as the King of Hearts and looked ridiculous, but he said I looked “magnificent”.

Don’t know about you, but I gotta see pictures from that party 🙂



And Now We’ve Seen Everything…

So yeah.  In the current issue of Vanity Fair, there is this ad.  For toilets.  With an Alice theme.  That is all.

vf-december-2015Alice_wonderland toilets


Mad Hatter on the Cover of New Yorker Magazine

The issue of The New Yorker Magazine cover dated October 27th, 2014 features our favorite Hatter.  Get your copy now while you can!