NY Theatre Ballet to Reprise Alice in Wonderland Follies for Two Performances

Alice FolliesAccording to Broadway World online, NY Theatre Ballet will offer two encore performances of their extremely popular family ballet, The Alice in Wonderland Follies.  The piece retells Carroll’s classic tale within the framework of a 1915 Vaudeville performance.  This clever ballet has proven to be a consistent hit with critics and audiences alike.  If you haven’t already seen it, NY Theatre Ballet is giving you another two chances in 2014: January 25th and January 26th in Manhattan.

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Alice Pantomime Plays to Sellout Crowds in New Jersey

Wotcha PantomimeLCSNA member C.M. Rubin interviewed producer/writer Gareth Jones about Wotcha! Gotcha! A Very British Pantomime that played last week to sellout crowds in Maplewood, NJ.  Billed as “A Ridiculous Romp Through Victorian London,” the family-oriented show combined a host of favorite Victorian-era characters both real and fictional, served up in the tradition of classic (and highly interactive) British pantomime performances.  Given the show’s popularity, perhaps they will bring it back again for next year’s holiday season!

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Another Rave Review for “A Perfect Likeness” Play About Carroll and Dickens

A Perfect Likeness PosterIf you’ve been following this blog, then you are already aware that talented LCSNA member Daniel Singer has written a crowd-pleasing play about a fictional meeting between two literary lions, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens.

The play A Perfect Likeness has just opened in L.A. for a run through December 22nd.

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Volcano Theatre Company Tours UK With Their Version of Wonderland

The Volcano Theatre Company is presenting an all-female, avant-garde production of Alice in Wonderland at various locations in Britain through November 23rd.  For more information about the show, click me.

And here’s a look at their rehearsal process, including a few words from the production’s director, who opines that (ahem) the original book isn’t really read that much anymore…!  (TIP: If the video doesn’t load below, try refreshing this page.)

New Play Alice Lost in Wonderland Premieres in Orlando

tenniel cheshire catWe’re all mad here….

The pairing of our Alice with mental institutions is nothing new.  The latest entry in this dark and rather crowded category is a new play premiering in Orlando, Florida called Alice Lost in Wonderland.  It presents a character named Jane (as in Doe) whose search for sanity and her own identity is wrapped up in her search for Lewis Carroll’s character of Alice, whom she believes is real.

The play will be performed through November 3rd.  To read a review from the Orlando Sentinel, click me.

New Performance Offers Alice in Tokyo

For anyone visiting Japan this December, Tokyo International Players are presenting five performances of the family-friendly Alice, an “original interpretation” of the classic book.  This one puts Alice in Tokyo, struggling with her Japanese lessons when magical things begin to occur.  The show runs December 6-9 only.

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Another Run for Daniel Singer’s Play “A Perfect Likeness” About Carroll and Dickens

We have just received this note from playwright and LCSNA member Daniel Singer:

“I’m pleased to announce that “A Perfect Likeness” will run Nov 7 – Dec 22 at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena, with the same fine cast from the Actors Co-op production last summer.  Details, when available, can be had from http://aperfectlikeness.com.”

The play has already had a couple of brief but very successful runs.  If you are in the Pasadena, CA area, be sure to watch the play’s web site for performance times and tickets.

A New Snark in London This December

For those of you who can’t get enough of stage adaptations of our beloved The Hunting of the Snark, one of our mimsy minions has alerted me to another upcoming production in London, playing this December.  I will note that the description of the piece includes this frumious statement:

An imaginative musical adventure that will inspire, excite and entertain, with the story of a lonely Boy and his father at its heart.

Ahem.  Clearly some artistic liberties have been taken once again.  But I do hope some of you BritMinions check it out.  And if you do, please report back for the benefit of your fellow blog readers!

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New Musical Version of Through the Looking-Glass

Feedly recently offered me links to information about a new musical version of Through the Looking-Glass with music by Piers Chater Robinson, and book & lyrics by Chris Blackwood, available for licensing to theatres.  Even if you’re not a producer, you might enjoy checking out the twelve songs in the score, and seeing how the writers have apportioned the roles. To read and listen, click me.

TIP: If you don’t already know about Feedly, it’s a great (and free!) way to collect all the feeds you subscribe to from various web sites. It’s a distinct improvement over the now-defunct Google Reader.  I use it to collect data feeds from various Carroll-related sites all in one handy place, and the interface is great whether you’re on a pc or a tablet.

Then She Fell Immersive Alice Theatre Piece Extends Run in NY

Attention, New York area theatre and Carroll lovers!  The widely praised immersive theatrical dance experience Then She Fell, presented by Third Rail Projects, has now extended its run in Brooklyn through October 27th.  Characters for this surreal adventure set in a hospital ward include Alice and also Lewis Carroll, and their relationship is the focus of the piece.  If you want to attend, be sure to buy your tickets in advance: only 15 audience members are allowed at each performance!  If you loved Sleep No More  (a brilliant “don’t miss” mash-up of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the classic book/film Rebecca), then here’s an equally-well-reviewed piece with a Carrollian theme.  Then She Fell plays Tuesdays-Sundays at 7:30pm and 10:30pm, and runs two hours.  If you have already seen the production, please leave us a comment to let us all know what you thought!

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And here is a video about the creation of the piece, from Brooklyn Independent Television: