Alice in Wonderland as Dessert

From Blouinartinfo comes this tasty article about a new dessert restaurant  by chef Sarah Barber in London making Alice themed desserts, but these desserts are an artform unto themselves:

Here, desserts are as desserts should be: much, muchier, muchness.  For a start, Berber has orchestrated a series of tasting menus to take you down the rabbit hole. These range from the three-course Childhood Memories menu with evergreen favorites like rhubarb and custard, to what looks like the dessert restaurant’s crescendo: the five-course Sarah in Wonderland menu.  Opt for the latter, and a mere £42 will go an awfully long way to pleasing you and/or a dinner companion. Beginning with the savory Milky Way of goat’s cheese, wild honey and beetroot snow; and Chicken Foie with quince and brioche, so as to prepare the palate for a playful full-on assault of sweet plates, optional wine flights can also accompany each menu (think a bubbly glass of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene with the Milky Way). It only gets curiouser and curiouser with Berber’s fantastical Alice in Wonderland-inspired dessert creations. There is the Queen of Hearts, a concoction of raspberries, champagne and, yes, roses; the Mad Hatter, expertly assembled with black forest gateau, kirsch and cherries; and finally, Eat Me, Drink Me, made with Snickers and a chocolate malt shake you can simultaneously bite into and drink up.  Guests who know exactly what they want can go for the four-course Pick n Mix menu that lets them select from both a sweet menu and a savory one, including the White Rabbit with Acapella cheese, artichokes and black truffle; and Salmon Tart with silky avocado.

For those interested the restaurant is just off Piccadilly Circus.


Alice Themed Events at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT

The Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT is planning a series of Alice-themed children’s events throughout the month of October, including Alice crafts every Sunday, a Queen of Hearts baking contest, and a workshop on how to play croquet.  Visit this page for details.


Fall Meeting Date Announced!

Our next meeting, in Toronto and environs October 3–5, promises to be a doozy!  Check out our Events Page for all the details.  See you there!


New Austin TX Restaurant with an Alice Theme

As if there weren’t enough cool eateries in Austin to make anyone want to head down south for the next SXSW, opening Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 is The Scarlet Rabbit.  Check out their official site, Facebook page, and menu, and if you’re in the area, give us a review!  I love that they call their salad menu Rabbit Food 😉


Tastes Like…Cherry Tart. Goodness!

How cool is this?  A chef actually created a drink that has all the flavors of Alice’s Drink Me bottle!  Although he does need to come up with a better vessel in my opinion.   Barkeep, a round for the table please! 


Alice Themed Beer Available – Caterpillar Pale Ale

For those so inclined, there is a new Alice-themed beer available from Italian brewery Brewfist, Caterpillar Pale Ale sporting a very cool label.  Imported so you may have to do a little searching to find this, but if you do tell us how it is!


A Bakers Tale Bakery in Chicago Includes Wonderland Design Elements

Bakers Tale BakeryOne of our mimsiest minions reports that a new bakery has opened in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago: A Baker’s Tale.  In addition to  the somewhat Snarkian name of the shop, its decor also includes a large framed image of Tenniel’s Mad Tea Party, and a large sculptural tree whose blossoms are made of pages from an edition of Wonderland.  We can only hope it wasn’t an 1865 edition!!

And of course, there are white rabbit cookies, among other treats.  If you visit the shop, write us a comment and let us all know what you thought.  Who knows, maybe they even have treacle tarts!

Bakers Tale RabbitsTo visit the bakery’s web site, click me.


Wonderland Pop-up Restaurant in London on April 19-20 2014

Popup Restaurant FlyerThanks to the mimsy minion who reported this little item.  If you happen to be in the London area on April 19th or 20th of this year (2014, in case you’ve lost track), there will be a Wonderland-themed pop-up restaurant experience in the East London area known as Shoreditch.  It will be hosted by HotHot Magazine, and the press materials promise both theatricality and fine dining, plus appearances from the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts.  Saturday 4/19 is already sold out according to the HotHot web site, but tickets are still available for Sunday, 4/20.

For more information, and to book a table for Sunday, April 20th, click me.


Sanderson Hotel in London Offers Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea

Mad Hatter Tea at SandersonAre you looking for someplace special to take your Valentine this year?  Well, if you happen to live in or near London, the Sanderson Hotel now offers a not inexpensive but very festive-sounding “Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea” including creative baked treats, a “Jelly Wonderland,’ and even custom crockery (which is also available for purchase separately, for you teapot lovers–and you know who you are).

To see a description, menu, and make reservations, click me.


Nonsensical Advice From An Old Alice Cookbook

alicecookbookIf you’re into all things Alice, and cooking as well, you might enjoy reading this write-up about an out-of-print but amusing Alice-themed cookbook.

In addition to eccentric recipes, the book is liberally “peppered” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) with quotes from two of Lewis Carroll’s works: Feeding the Mind, and Hints for Etiquette, or Dining Out Made Easy.  Here’s a sample of the seasoned and sage (sorry, this is just too easy) advice:

“To use a fork with your soup, intimating at the same time to your hostess that you are reserving the spoon for beefsteaks, is a practice wholly exploded.”