Fall Meeting Speakers Announced!

Our Fall meeting in New York is shaping up to be a great one!  We now have a confirmed slate of speakers, so make your plans now.  Meeting will be October 15, 2016 at NYU’s Fales Library.  Speakers will be:

  • Marvin Taylor and his colleague will speak about the exhibition they mounted in the Bobst as part of the Alice150 festivities, entitled “‘Go Ask Alice’: Alice, Wonderland, and Popular Culture.”
  • Monica Edinger and some of her students will give us a presentation about her use of Alice in her elementary classroom at the Dalton School.
  • Matt Demakos will speak about his research concerning The Walrus and the Carpenter.
  • Jan Susina will give a talk tentatively titled “Alice in the Academy: The Alice Books in the College Curriculum,” which should make for some robust conversation paired with Monica’s talk.
  • Dana Walrath will talk on her graphic novel Aliceheimers and her use of Alice in Wonderland in making sense of the world of Alzheimer’s.  You can see Dana’s TEDx talk here, and order her book here.

1865 Wonderland Facsimile

So if you can’t exactly afford the genuine 1865 Alice on sale at Christie’s June 16, how about the next best thing, an “authentic First Edition Replica recreated in exquisite detail by expert literary preservationists and publishers Charles Winthrope & Sons … with a FREE gold-embossed dust jacket to protect its heirloom value. Additionally you will receive a FREE exclusive ‘First Edition Collector’s Secrets’ insert filled with information about your book’s original publication and printing, plus stories about the author and the times, complete with photos.” Leaving aside the oxymoronic “authentic replica” and that the distributor, The Bradford Exchange, is most known for Thomas Kinkade, this might be the closest many of us can get to owning an 1865. Click here.

Wash Me, Wonderland

A fine line of “Wash Me Wonderland” soaps is now available on Etsy, with art by Raul Contreras of Alice’s Bloody Adventures in Wonderland fame (not to worry, these drawings are completely tame).

“And washing?” said the Mock Turtle.

Extraordinary Catalogue!!

London bookseller Peter Harrington has a new catalogue “from the library of an English bibliophile,” with a number of extraordinary Carrollian items, including presentations copies (one to John Tenniel!) and previously unknown editions (such as a Symbolic Logic in a dust jacket). They are also at extraordinarily high prices (e.g., £57,500 for an 1866 Alice, £27,500 for an Appleton Alice, £975 for the individual Aunt Judy’s Magazine with “Bruno’s Revenge,” £17,500 for the Snark in dust wrapper, etc.).

1865 Alice for Sale!

On June 16, Christie’s will be offering one of the 23 known surviving copies of the first edition, if you have two or three million dollars to spare. Details and video here.

Disney Alice and Cheshire Cat LEGO Minifigures

On March 30, LEGO announced its 18th collection of minifigures, this one featuring “iconic” Disney characters, including Alice and the Cheshire Cat. She’s holding a bottle labelled “Drink Me” and a very small cake. You can get them online from eBay, Walmart, etc. Or if you find one in a store (the Cheshire Cat is prominent on the front), you’ll need the “bump code” aka “blind bag code” or the bar code to figure which one is inside.

Tattoo Thyself (Temporarily)

In 2014, Litographs took the entirety of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and broke it into 5,000 individually designed temporary tattoos. They then asked 5,000 members of their community to lend a hand (or a forearm, or a shoulder blade) to become a part of the World’s Longest Tattoo Chain, and help recreate this iconic novel on the skin of 5,000 readers. (We blogged about it here.)

They have collected nearly 3,000 photographs for their online gallery, and the goal is to complete the chain on Independent Bookstore Day 2016 with the help of hundreds of independent bookstores nationwide. They are offering free temporary tattoos to any participating bookstore, and giving Bookstore Day customers the chance to participate in this awesome project at no cost.

Cheshire Cat Bamboo Socks for Women

Now you can sport attractive Carroll-themed socks and help the environment at the same time.  These socks come in two colors no less.    They have a lot of other styles too, but come on, these are the most important 😉  Get yours at Socksmith.

VitraHaus Goes Wonderland

VitraHaus, the flagship store in Weil am Rhein, Germany, of the high-end (think Eames) Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, commissioned architect/designer India Mahdavi to make an exhibit/playroom on their top floor with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Here are some more pictures.

New Teefury Shirt Today!

We love Teefury, and so should you!  Get it now, perfect for all those Alice/anime people we know and love.