Wonderland Discussion on March 20th at Napa Bookmine

books imageOne of our California-based mimsy minions reports that the newly opened Napa bookstore Napa Bookmine is discussing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland this month as part of their book club.  The event will be this Thursday March 20th at 6:30pm (local time).  The store’s site states that they have copies of the book available (in case you don’t already have your own!).

For more information about the book store and for directions, click me. 

Cute Jabberwocky-Inspired Comic Strip

Here’s a cute Carroll-related comic by talented cartoonist Bill Amend,  forwarded by one of our mimsy minions.  Enjoy!  And if you would like to see more of the Foxtrot comic, click me.Jabberguac

Mad Hatter Tours in Oxford, England

Mad Hatter Tours OxfordWe recently received this promotional information from Alasdair Riktam de Voil in Oxford, England.  If you have ever gone on one of Alasdair’s tours or tea parties, add a comment to let others know what you thought!

“Hello!  I run guided tours of Oxford called Mad Hatter Tour and I happen to speak several languages including nearly fluent Japanese. I also organise Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland themed tea party events. Please check out my reviews plus photos on tripadvisor or facebook.

My number is UK mobile 0044 7955 482637 and email is tours@iloveoxford.com

You can find me on facebook at MAD HATTER ALICE OXFORD PAGES or on Tripadvisor.

Find out more also about the ‘Vote Mad Hatter’ 2014 Oxford city election campaign. I am the city candidate for the Monster Raving Loony (tea) party.

Find out more about Mad Hatter Tea Party Bookings and the Campaign.

Alicewinks eBook Wins Two Kirkus Review Awards

Arthur Rackham MadhatterArthur Rackham MadhatterArthur Rackham Madhatter White Rabbit HeraldWe recently received this happy update from William McQueen about the unique Alicewinks ebook.  Congratulations to William, co-founder David Neal, lead animator Brittney Owens, and all involved.  We know this project was a true labor of love.

“Hello!  We’re delighted to announce that our EBook Alicewinks, based on the original Carroll Text, with 193 early
20th Century illustrations and featuring a fully animated and narrated movie from the full text and the illustrations, has won 3 national awards.

The Kirkus Reviews has awarded Alicewinks 2 awards, Best Apps and EBooks of 2013 for Adults, as well as Best Apps and EBooks of 2013 based on Classics.

Alicewinks was also a finalist in the Digital Book World “Digital Book Awards” in the category Ebook Fixed Format/Enhanced-Children.

Please let your members know how well Alice is doing in the Digital Age….

They can view and download Alicewinks at http://www.alicewinkscom

Any questions, please direct them to me.

Many thanks,
William McQueen
Director of Marketing,
Walrus & Carpenter Productions LLC

The LCSNA April 26 Spring Meeting Program is Available Now!

40We have another varied and exciting program lined up for you at our Spring Meeting, which will be held at the NY Institute of Technology in NYC on Saturday, April 26th.

The meeting includes a panel with a number of our society’s founding members, in honor of the 40th Anniversary of our society.  And of course after the meeting we will have our usual casual and convivial dinner at a popular local restaurant only a few blocks away from the meeting location.

To read all about the impressive roster of speakers and performers, and sign up for dinner, visit our Events page by clicking me.

The Nursery Alice is Now Available in Portuguese

Nursery Alice PortugueseWe recently received the following note from a Lewis Carroll fan, announcing the publication of a Portuguese-language version of The Nursery Alice.  Thank you for letting us know, Mauricio!

“I’m Mauricio Coelho, a great fan of the life and work of Lewis Carroll.

On my summer vacation, I went to London and bought a copy of The Nursery Alice; I had seen a reference to this book in a letter from Lewis Carroll, stating that he would adapt Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for children under 5 years old.

I had this initiative to translate his book because I believe that his work is essential to instigate the imagination, just as Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” And The Nursery Alice excites the imagination. Therefore, the Portuguese language translation of this work makes it accessible to hundreds of children and adults who speaks Portuguese.  Until now, there wasn’t  translation of this work for the Portuguese language in Brazil or Portugal.

Each year in Brazil there are literary events such as the Bienal do Livro in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and Feira Pan-Amazônica do Livro in Belém, gathering thousands of readers, not to mention hundreds of elementary schools in the country where children’s books are read by the teachers.  So I am confident that  this new translation of The Nursery Alice will be well received by the Portuguese-speaking public, and by Alice collectors around the world.

You can find the book for sale on Chiado’s website.


Another Use of the Latest Technology to Tell the Wonderland Story

These days, we’re all seeing our beloved Victorian era (but let’s face it, timeless) Alice books retold using various forms of cutting edge technology.  Here’s another example, this time from Adobe, that plays with special CSS (cascading style sheet, for non-developer folks) tags to tell the story in a stylish, web-based environment.  You will note that the graphic design is quite distinctive, as well.  Alice looks like a cross between a goth bobby-soxer and a dominatrix.  And the caterpillar with the hookah–well, I confess the image did make me think “hookah” when I saw it!  ;-)

Regardless of what you think of the project’s success in telling the Wonderland story well, it’s technically impressive.  And it’s always fun to see that Lewis Carroll’s works continue to inspire people all over the globe.  (If the video doesn’t show below, try reloading this page in your browser.)

And if you’d like to read more about how the Adobe team created this sample, click me.

2013 “Alice in Sussex” is a Graphic Novel In German

Alice in SussexIf you read German, or enjoy reading graphic novels regardless of the language, one of our mimsy minions reports coming across a recent one:

In a new (well, 2013) graphic novel in German, Alice chases the White Rabbit, who leads her down into his rabbit-hole in search of an illustrated edition of Austrian poet H. C. Artmann’s Frankenstein in Sussex. The artist and writer, Nicolas Mahler, is also Austrian. Links:


Announcing the LCSNA Call for “Alice150″ Logo Designs

The AlicesDear LCSNA members (and members-to-be!),

Our upcoming Alice150 celebration in 2015 needs a great Logo. And we need it fast.
Whether or not you’re a professional artist, we encourage you to try your hand at designing a Logo.

Logo Criteria:

1. Must include Alice150 (as one word) in a decorative and exciting but still clear piece of word art.
2. Must include a Tenniel or Tennielesque depiction of Alice.  Other character(s) are optional.  Please make sure to include only Tenniel or other copyright-free or original artwork.
3. Should use bold colors (but not the proprietary Disney Alice palette), and also be suitable for use in black & white.
4. Simplicity is desirable.  The logo we select will be adopted and modified for myriad purposes by the Alice150 planners, so it should be an image that will look good in different sizes, from a return address label to the center of a T-shirt (scalable).

Submissions must be received by midnight Pacific Daylight Time March 31st, 2014.

We will accept up to three logo designs per member.

Mail your submissions as an email attachment to the following four addresses:

Please submit your image as an email attachment in either PDF format (preferred), or in an MSWord document, and make sure that the email size is no larger than 5 megabytes.

All submissions become the property of the LCSNA, which will enjoy unlimited use of the image in all media.  All entrants will have our undying thanks.  The creator of the selected logo will be announced on the LCSNA website blog, and will receive a free one-year membership in the LCSNA, or a one-year extension of their existing membership.

And that’s all there is to it. Get creative, and good luck!

Joel Birenbaum and the Alice150 Committee

P.S. If you’d like to get involved in planning Alice150, contact Joel at: joel@thebirenbaums.net

Alice Tumbles After White Rabbit on New Necklace

Tumble NecklaceIf you’re a fan of Alice-themed jewelry, then this news from one of our mimsy minions should tickle you.  An enterprising vendor called Out of Print is now offering a clever necklace depicting Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole in pursuit of the White Rabbit.  It’s available on ModCloth.com.

Note: the site states that for every Out of Print item purchased, Out of Print donates a book to a needy community, which is a nice perk.  This vendor specializes in literary products, and also carries some Alice-themed clothing items, and an iPhone case.  So you may well find a suitable treat for yourself or a loved one, and do a little good for someone else at the same time.

To see more about the necklace, click me.

To see all of Out of Print’s products, click me.