Ball State University’s Musical “Mad World” in January

For those of you in the Midwest this January 9th, you have the opportunity to see the Ball State musical Mad World as it is being staged as part of the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Region III, in Milwaukee, WI.  One performance only, but they are submitting it to the National Alliance of Musical Theatre’s Festival in New York City.  If enough interest is generated, perhaps it will be chosen to compete with 7 other new pieces next October.  So warm up those pipes, and shuffle off to …. Milwaukee to see this new musical, and tell us how you liked it!


And Now We’ve Seen Everything…

So yeah.  In the current issue of Vanity Fair, there is this ad.  For toilets.  With an Alice theme.  That is all.

vf-december-2015Alice_wonderland toilets

Andrew Sellon will Introduce Paramount’s 1933 Alice at Film Forum in NYC

Film Forum Wonderland Screening Promo CropLCSNA president emeritus Andrew Sellon will be giving a very brief intro before the screening of the 1933 Paramount “Alice in Wonderland” film this Sunday, December 6th at the Film Forum in NYC.  Showtime is 12:45 pm.  For tickets and more info click here.

Recent Updates to Sesquicen-Tenniel Book List

“Everybuddy wants to get into da act,” as Jimmy Durante was wont to say. In this Alice150 year, here is a recently updated list of books that have or are about to come out this year. Looking-glasses illustrated by Ángel Domínguez and Robert Ingpen! Many more new ones!

Please feel free to email Mark if you know of others or have suggestions or corrections or can’t find where to buy them.

Black Friday Alice Designs at TeeFury

Attention Shoppers!  TeeFury is offering two new Alice-themed designs:

One is a T-shirt that the site declares will only be available today, Black Friday, and never again after that. So if you like the design of Alice and the Cheshire Cat, you’ll need to buy it today.

Tee Fury Murase Alice

They have also added a Disney-esque design to their “ugly sweaters” sweatshirt gallery. These are designs made to look as if they have been knitted, while in fact they are printed on the sweatshirts. So if you’re looking for an Alice-themed sweatshirt (or gift) with a homespun look, check out this item. This design will be available beyond today, unlike the T-shirt above.  Both items offer a selection of sizes and colors, so choose carefully.

Tee Fury Knitted Alice

The site is also offering a 20% off Black Friday sale code, effective only through 11/29, and NOT applicable to the daily T-shirt design (like the one today for Alice). But it should apply to the sweatshirt and anything else on their site.  The code is TFBF20.

Happy Shopping, Carrollians! And if you come across any other neat items, please let us know in the comments below.

Sandor Burstein

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America is grieved to announce the passing on November 21, 2015 of Dr. Sandor G. Burstein, longtime member, past president, distinguished collector, and dear friend. All who knew him count themselves fortunate indeed, and the Society rejoices that he shared his life with us. We mourn his loss and extend our sympathies to his family.

Alice150 Translation Conference Online!

You didn’t miss a thing! The entire Alice150 Alice in a World of Wonderlands Translation Conference that took place at the Grolier Club on October 7-8 is online here! O frabjous day!

A Most Literary Tea

What’s a tea-party without its prime ingredient? Simpson and Vail of Brookfield, Connecticut, has debuted a Literary Tea Line, including authors such as Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Joyce, and, yes, our man. Consisting of Black Tea, Rose Congou tea, flavoring, and malva flowers, it can be ordered here.

New Russian Translation of Wonderland

Poet/scholar Dmitry Yermolovich’s fine translation into Russian of The Hunting of the Snark and Other Tales (Охота на Угада и прочие странные истории) came out last year at about this time. He has now followed it up with Приключения Алисы в Стране чудес, his translation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The text is printed in a bilingual format of facing pages in English and Russian, and Dmitry also provides a commentary, end notes, and a detailed comparative analysis of seven different Russian translations, not to mention his own charming colorful illustrations! You can flip through many of its pages here and order it through eBay for US $21.80 and free shipping. ISBN-13: 9785990533967.

Sox Appeal

You have your Wonderland dresses, shirts, ties, skirts, Vans, t-shirts, and hats. What’s missing? Socks! The White Rabbit decorates these new ones from Out of Print.