A Most Literary Tea

What’s a tea-party without its prime ingredient? Simpson and Vail of Brookfield, Connecticut, has debuted a Literary Tea Line, including authors such as Dickens, Dostoyevsky, Joyce, and, yes, our man. Consisting of Black Tea, Rose Congou tea, flavoring, and malva flowers, it can be ordered here.


New Russian Translation of Wonderland

Poet/scholar Dmitry Yermolovich’s fine translation into Russian of The Hunting of the Snark and Other Tales (Охота на Угада и прочие странные истории) came out last year at about this time. He has now followed it up with Приключения Алисы в Стране чудес, his translation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The text is printed in a bilingual format of facing pages in English and Russian, and Dmitry also provides a commentary, end notes, and a detailed comparative analysis of seven different Russian translations, not to mention his own charming colorful illustrations! You can flip through many of its pages here and order it through eBay for US $21.80 and free shipping. ISBN-13: 9785990533967.

Sox Appeal

You have your Wonderland dresses, shirts, ties, skirts, Vans, t-shirts, and hats. What’s missing? Socks! The White Rabbit decorates these new ones from Out of Print.

After Alice – New Gregory Maguire Book Released

If you read Wicked or saw the Broadway show, you probably know who Gregory Maguire is.  He has taken many a classic book and given it a slight twist – round the bend some may say.  His next subject, just in time for Alice150 I might add, is After Alice.  From the press release:

“AFTER ALICE takes up that question and returns to the summer day on which Alice disappeared into Wonderland, tracing what happened to her sister left behind on an Oxford riverbank, and also what happened when Alice‘s friend Ada follows her down the rabbit hole.  Ada, who is mentioned in Carroll’s second chapter, brings to Wonderland her own imperfect apprehension of cause and effect, but central to her concerns are the safe retrieval of Alice from the world below the world.

Look for After Alice at your local book shop or you can always order from here.

You Knew It Was Coming – Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass Trailer

The juggernaut that was Disney’s recent 2010 Tim Burton Alice has a sequel, and will be coming to theaters on Memorial Day – May 27th, 2016.  Today Disney released the first trailer after having dropped several tiny snippets over the past few days and weeks following the big D23 event this past summer.  And here it is.

Start Your Holiday Shopping Now! New Vans Dude!

For those of you, like me, who grew up in Southern California, Vans sneakers were the epitome of surfer/skateboard culture. Not so anymore, they are now a global brand with a wide variety of products, but still their slip-on sneakers rule the roost. And now, Alice! How cool are these? Get yours now while you can.

SymphonySpace to Perform Selected Shorts: Alice in Wonderland

The Alice150 conference may be over, but the Alice events continue!  Symphony Space in New York City is hosting an evening of readings from and inspired by Alice! Readers include Joyce Carol OatesDan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Ari Graynor (Whip It), Linda Lavin, and BD Wong. Don’t be late!

Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space
Wed, Nov 18, 2015 7:30pm


Columbia Alice150 Exhibit Celebrated!

Cathy Rubin has posted a lovely article in her “Global Search for Education” blog on the Huffington Post about the Alice150 exhibition at Columbia. It contains a link to her YouTube video interview with Jennifer B. Lee (Curator, Performing Arts Collections of the Butler Library at Columbia and this exhibit) and Mark Burstein. For those of us who were at Dayna Nuhn’s opening lecture for Alice150 and heard a short recording that Alice Liddell Hargreaves made there and was played for the first time, it is on the video as well.


Adam Gopnik Reviews New Annotated Alice

The 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Martin Gardner’s The Annotated Alice was the subject of a long, thoughtful review by Adam Gopnik in the “Page-Turner” column on The New Yorker’s website. Click here.

The 150th Anniversary Deluxe ANNOTATED ALICE!!

Today is the official release date of the long-awaited 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Martin Gardner’s The Annotated Alice, the first update in 15 years. Edited and art-directed by Mark Burstein, it features more than a hundred new or updated annotations, many by Gardner himself (some, but not all, from the Knight Letter). The “deluxe” part refers to this being the first edition in full, glorious color: more than a hundred new illustrations and images have been added (new to the book, not necessarily to the world): Salvador Dalí, Beatrix Potter, Barry  Moser, Ralph Steadman, and Sir Peter Blake among the truly global set of artists. (Yes, the Tenniels have been retained.) Not to mention a color portrait of Carroll’s mother, his handwritten corrections to the Looking-Glass table of contents, Alice Liddell’s carving on the door of a church, the page from The Train with the first published occurrence of the pseudonym “Lewis Carroll,” and the like. Also all of Carroll’s writings on Wonderland (“Easter Greeting” etc.) and all of Gardner’s. The Filmography and Reference sections have been updated, and a new section on Illustrators added.

Put simply, this anniversary edition of The Annotated Alice is the most comprehensive collection of Alice materials ever published in a single volume, and is indispensable to all lovers of Carroll.

“It is a wonderful tribute … and will enter the short list of classic works on ALICE. It would have been a shame not to gather together Martin’s last thoughts, notes, even scribbles, and I for one am delighted. The addition of all the supporting material makes for a superb book of reference as well.” – Morton Cohen