Gathering4Gardner Talk

The talk by Mark Burstein and Jim Gardner given at the 2016 Gathering4Gardner has been posted to their YouTube channel. It was a shortened version of Mark’s “What IS It about Alice” talk, with extended emphasis on how the 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of The Annotated Alice came into being.


Leonardo Review of Spring Meeting

Leonardo magazine posted a fine review of our spring meeting by Amy Ione. It will probably be in their print issue in six months or so.


Alice UMons!

For those of you who were unable to attend the Alice conference at Mons University in Belgium, and were following our live tweeting on the edge of your seats, here is the promised video of Hayley Rushing’s presentation on “Speaking Illustrations: Performing Scriptocentrism in Le Gallienne’s Alice in Wonderland.”   The Q/A session is particularly good.   Enjoy!


Alice Is Everywhere (Blog & Podcast)

“Heather Haigha,” whom we had the great pleasure of meeting at our Spring meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area, writes a most delightful blog and every-other-weekly podcast called Alice Is Everywhere, which includes a chapter-by-chapter reading and discussion of both Alice books, as well as Carrollian tidings of the “real” world. Many fine things to be gleaned there!


A Russian Woodcarver and a Paper Artist

In a post from Bored Panda, we learn about Moscow-based Russian woodcarver Michail Bayko and his intricate 3D Alice in Wonderland piece, as well as some whimsical paper adventures by Marina Adamova.


Charles Blackman, Artist

Charles Blackman, the midcentury Australian painter known for his 1950s Alice in Wonderland series, is 88 years old and still working, despite suffering from dementia. The National Gallery of Victoria published a book of his Wonderland paintings in 2007. Now artist David Bromley has partnered with Blackman and offers original art, a limited edition series of prints, and a handkerchief and tea-towel based on his sketchbook here. There are rabbits and cats and nude ladies. His son, Auguste Blackman, also carries on the tradition by painting scenes from Wonderland.


Numbers in Wonderland

Fedde Benedictus, a Dutch PhD student, writes a fine a blog called “The Tricycle Down The Rabbit Hole,” in which he “seeks to combine Alice in Wonderland with the philosophy of mathematics.” Visit here.


Alice and Puns and Rock’n’Roll

Alice and the Graceful White Rabbit is a thorough, fun, and mostly faithful retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. But Carroll’s Victorian language and all references to British culture are gone. Written in contemporary English, this new version embeds, with varying degrees of subtlety, several hundred references to the songs and artists that make up the history of rock and roll (ponder the title for a moment!) from the 1950s through 2015. The book was written by the ever delightful, very punny John Langdon, but its Kickstarter campaign sadly fell short of its goal. He writes:

“Now, before I close this project down completely, I’d like to offer all of you an opportunity to purchase a signed and inscribed copy of the readers’ edition of Alice and the Graceful White Rabbit at a very reasonable price. The price will depend on how many of you want to buy a copy, but it will not exceed $15, including shipping, and could be less. It’s a 6” x 9”, 189-page softcover book. Unfortunately, there are no illustrations. I will be creating a new front cover.

“I will wait until the end of April to see how many requests I get before I place my order with the printer. My cost will depend on how many I order. Once I’ve placed the order I can let you know what the price of your copy will be, and I’ll ask for your payment at that point. And I’ll have a projected delivery date, as well.”

Any fan of wordplay (and/or rock’n’roll) would be delighted with this book. Will Shortz himself called it “amusing.”

Contact John at


Spring Meeting in SF Viewable on YouTube

The wonderful Spring 2017 meeting at the Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Public Library was kindly recorded by their staff and posted to their YouTube channel. The talks are:



Dmitry Yermolovich’s Russian Looking-Glass

Poet/scholar Dmitry Yermolovich’s fine translation into Russian of The Hunting of the Snark and Other Tales (Охота на Угада и прочие странные истории) came out in November of 2014, and exactly a year later, Приключения Алисы в Стране чудес, his translation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in a bilingual edition enhanced with his own delightful, colorful illustrations. The companion Through the Looking Glass (Путешествие в Зазеркалье и что там обнаружила Алиса) has now been published. The illustrations can be viewed here; the publisher’s page (на русском) here; and it can be easily ordered for $25 through eBay here.