Carrollian Connections in the Waterspell Trilogy

As you may have noted by reading some of our prior blog posts, a number of our LCSNA members are authors.  Member Deborah J. Lightfoot writes to tell us that her Waterspell fantasy trilogy has distinct Carollian elements–including clever use of a copy of Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There within the storyline.

If you’re a fan of fantasy fiction, you might want to check out this series, which is now also available in eBook format.  Her site also include a blog detailing how she want about writing and then publishing the series.  To learn more, click me.


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  • Thank you for this mention. Please forgive me if I appear immodest, but I further report the happy news that Waterspell recently won a First Place award in the 2013 Texas Association of Authors book contest.

    I have review copies to send, gratis, in either paperback or ebook format to any interested LCSNA members.

    Thank you,