Who are you? Roger Daltrey to voice the Caterpillar in “Once Upon a Time” Wonderland special

Roger Daltrey, the Caterpillar

Roger Daltrey, the Caterpillar

Roger Daltrey, former lead singer of The Who, is to lend his voice to the Caterpillar in a Wonderland-themed episode of the ABC show Once Upon a Time. The executive producers of the show apparently said that The Who’s rock opera “Tommy” was “a huge inspiration for the show,” so, who could be better, really?

“Once Upon a Time” is a fantasy drama set in Storybrooke, Maine, a fictional town populated by fairy tale characters who have been exiled to the real world. The episode, entitled “Hat Trick,” will air on Sunday, March 25th on ABC. Other guest stars will include Sebastian Stan as the Hatter, who you may (or may not) remember as the bad guy in the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. In the episode, producer Edward Kitsis promises, “we find out how the Mad Hatter became mad.”

Sebastien Stan as the Mad Hatter in "Once Upon a Time"


4 comments to Who are you? Roger Daltrey to voice the Caterpillar in “Once Upon a Time” Wonderland special

  • Lynda

    I was so excited to hear Roger Daltrey was going to be on this but it was a letdown. It was just his voice and only for a few seconds. I hope they bring him back as a guest star for a whole episode.

  • Kim

    Wow – I couldn’t agree more with Lynda – it all happened so fast and I completely missed the “3 words” he said . . . kept waiting for Roger the whole show and didn’t realize he had already come and gone. The caterpillar looked really cool though – I hope they do bring him back. The show is great and Roger rocks!!!

  • Suz

    what a bummer that was, I had to watch it again on Hulu because I missed him the first round. 10 seconds does not warrant a headline. If he hadn’t of said “who are you” I would have never caught it.

  • Catherine

    Ohhhhh – glad I found this article because I had no idea what happened to him. And I didn’t even realize the caterpillar said “Who are You” and that was supposed to be my clue. Really bad hyping it up like that.