See Max Ernst’s Lewis Carroll Illustrations on YouTube

Here’s a nice YouTube video of Max Ernst’s illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Wunderhorn (“Miracle Horn,”) 1970, and “Die Jagd nach dem Schnark” (“The Hunting of the Snark,”) 1969. The music is “Oiseaux Exotiques” by Olivier Messiaen.


1 comment to See Max Ernst’s Lewis Carroll Illustrations on YouTube

  • You just made my day! And great choice of music!

    I think Max Ernst was always one of the most genuinely Nonsensical surrealists, plus he had a real sense of style and was always whooping it up. The way he bridged the late 19th century visual imagination into the eternal, shared dream of surrealism made a perfect place for some of Carroll’s works to live in.

    When I was a kid out in the Virginia rural boondocks, my utterly cool, chain-smoking, wine-swilling, pharmacologically rampant Berliner-Tante Monica gave me a copy of Ernst’s Week of Kindness and I was utterly smitten. Carroll & Ernst, sounds like deranged, hipster accountants!