Announcing: Twitter Interview with AAIW Illustrator Jamison Odone, Monday at 18:00 GMT

Please join the Far-Flung bloggers on Twitter tomorrow morning for a short interview in short format (140 characters) with Jamison Odone, who has recently issued an Alice’s Adventures ┬áin Wonderland (Publishing Works, $14.95) illustrated and “retold” with stick figure drawings – the original text is intact, but he has added his own humor alongside in the comics. The conversation will take place at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern (18.00 GMT). To receive it, follow both the Far-Flung twitter (which we recommend anyway) @AliceAmerica, & Mr Odone @JamisonOdone. Subscribe to both of us on SMS text and get the whole thing texted to your phone! See you then…

A scene from Jamison Odone's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


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