2011 Calender with Iassen Ghiuselev's new Looking-Glass Illustrations

Iassen Ghiuselev’s beautiful illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland were published by Simply Read Books in 2003 & will be re-issued in March 2010. (For obvious reasons, are we expecting a lot of timely reissues?) Ghiuselev creates a large Escher-esque poster from which smaller bits are extracted for the individual pages of the book. His Through the Looking-Glass, pictured above, is not yet released, but a 2011 Calender (list price $13.95) is now available for pre-order by Simply Read. (There was a similar such thing with his AAIW in 2007, now hard to find.)


1 comment to 2011 Calender with Iassen Ghiuselev’s new Looking-Glass Illustrations

  • Jenny Woolf

    This is lovely art work. I must seek it out. Did you write anything about Emma Chichester Clark's Alice in Wonderland, by the way. Her pictures are not mysterious but I always like them so I am looking forward to seeing the book which is issued in paperback this coming month.