La chasse au Snark

Geneva-based publisher éditions Notari has just released a bilingual version of The Hunting of the Snark. The original English text is accompanied by a new French translation by M. Vertut and illustrations by the Franco-Swiss artist Jean-Marie Reynier made up of (if Google and I are translating correctly) collages of eighteenth century prints colored with watercolor.


6 comments to La chasse au Snark

  • jenny2write

    Looks like a fascinating book. Just wonder how many versions of the Snark are out there. Too many Alices to count of course!

  • Anonymous

    In love, thks. Jean Marie Reynier

  • Luca

    Yes, your translation is absolutely correct, thank you very much!

    Luca Notari
    (publisher of this "Snark")

  • Alice por enquanto...

    Well, the links in this post are not working.
    where can I find this book?

  • Sarah

    I just updated the link to the publisher. The site is under construction and there is no direct link to the Snark book. I suggest emailing the publisher for further information.

  • goetzkluge

    The Snark and I are hunting each other, especially because of my comparisons of Holiday's illustrations with illustrations from Father&Son Marcus Gheeraerts, Gustave Doré, John Everet Millais etc. So my wife is complaining about too much Snark. But as she is an entomololist, she may like Jean-Marie Reynie's version.

    ISBN 2-940408-02-5 or ISBN 978-2-940408-02-3 seemingly not easy to get in Germany. Any hints?